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PharmaBlock (USA), Inc. is a subsidiary of PharmaBlock Sciences (Nanjing), Inc. (SZSE.300725), a leading provider of innovative chemistry products and services throughout the pharmaceutical R&D process and commercial production. Its core businesses include a rationally designed building blocks collection, supplying from discovery, development to commercialization; building blocks driven libraries for drug discovery; development and manufacturing of RSMs, intermediates, APIs, and drug products for drug development and commercial.

The company opened its first USA facility in the Bay Area of California in 2012, and established its USA headquarters and R&D center in Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania, in late 2017. Equipped with an experienced chemistry team and state-of-the-art equipment, the Pennsylvania site is providing process R&D services of intermediates and APIs to North American customers. Working with the Chemistry & Engineering Technology Center based in PharmaBlock China, the US team has successfully applied new technologies, including flow chemistry and micropacked bed hydrogenation for more innovative solutions.

Besides the process R&D capabilities, the Pennsylvania site is also functioned with the warehouse and customer service center to stock and sell the large and unique collection of high-quality and novel building blocks designed and synthesized by the PharmaBlock Nanjing site.

PharmaBlock has partnered with most of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and hundreds of small to medium-sized biotech companies worldwide. In addition to the USA facilities, PharmaBlock has three main facilities in China. Its global headquarters is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in China, with 679,000 ft² lab space focusing on the design, synthesis, and supply of lab-scale building blocks, and process R&D of key intermediates and APIs. It has two manufacturing sites located in Zhejiang and Shandong Provinces in China, with around 250 m³ combined reactor volume, ranging from 200L to 6,300L of reactor size.

Our evolving mission is to provide better products and services through innovation of chemistry and low carbon technology in R&D and manufacturing, and eventually to support partners to accelerate drug discovery and development, and move the new molecules into the market at full speed.
Hatfield Site:
Greater Philadelphia area (Hatfield, PA); 15,000 ft2 of offices and R&D labs.
          Offices (Sales/customer service and BD/ PM)
          Distribution and shipping center; Catalog compounds inventory (13K)
          Synthetic labs (5 labs; 11 fume hoods; up to 100 L reactors)
          Analytical lab (3 labs; HPLC x 5, UPLC x1, GC x 3, Prep-HPLC, UPLC-MS, NMR, DSC/TGA, KF, Stability Chamber x 4)
  ISO certified and cGMP compliant facility
   EHS compliance: Engineering design, training and response system, 5S and EHS inspection.

West Chester Site: (under construction)
  West Chester; 4 acrse of new R&D facility
       R&D labs (8 lab; 15 fume hoods)
         GMP kilo labs
         Pilot plant



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