Process R&D
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Process R&D
Optimal Route Scouting
  • — Safety, quality, manufacturability and cost, is at the helm when designing optimal routes for customers' project needs

Data and Mechanism Supported Reaction Optimization
  • — ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Optimization work is often performed in Easymax equipment– a superior alternative that provides more accurate, higher-quality data. ​

  • — ​​​​​​​Crystallization process development and form characterization: solubility data through crystal 16​

  • — ​​​​​​​Impurity formation mechanism, Impurity profiling and characterization, fate and purge study

  • — ​​​​​​​Design of Experiments: Perform Design of experiment (DOE) for evaluation the impact of CPPs (critical process parameters) on cQA (critical quality attributes)
Scale up
— GMP production up to 250L reactor or 10-20 kg batch size. Leverage manufacturing capability in China site to scale up key intermediates for increased speed and reduced overall cost
Synthesis Station
EasyMax x 2 ​
Mya 4 x 2
Reaction Safety
TGA (Seiko)​
ARSST Fauske
Reaction Scale up
JRLs (1Lx 2L) Buchiglass​
Chemglass reactors x14​
Buchi reaction system (250L)​
Huber Chiller x 6​
Jilabo Chiller x 1​
Gas Scrubbers x2​​​​​​​
Reaction Workup
Rotoary Evaporator 20L​
Filters: Nutsche DN450/100L​
Tray Drying: Shel-Lab x 2​
Grinding Mill, IKA​
Jet Mill (MC Dec jet 100)​
Certified Class D Clean room​​​​​​​
High Pressure Parr (0.25-1L)​
Parr 50 mL shaker​
Micropacked bed reactors x 2 ​
Buchi 30L Hastelloy 200 psi​
GMP Material Storage​​​​​​​​
Controlled RT, 2-8 ℃, -20 ℃
3x Refrigrators; 3 x Freezers ​



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