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Process R&D and GMP Production 
PharmaBlock USA-1
Location: West Chester, PA

Functions: Process R&D and GMP API Production

Facilities: 4-acre campus; Building space 
30,000 ft2
Process R&D labs, GMP kilo labs
Pilot plant (in progress)

Compliance: GMP (registered with FDA) and ISO9001

Address: 800 North 5 Points Road West Chester, PA, 19380 United States
Business Center and R&D Labs
PharmaBlock USA-2
Location: Hatfield, PA

Functions: Sales and logistics, Building Block warehouse
Chemistry R&D service

Facilities: 15,000 ft2 of offices, labs and warehouse
Research labs and Kilo labs 

Compliance: ISO9001   

Address: 777 Schwab Rd, Unit D Hatfield, PA, 19440 United States

West Coast Sales Office
PharmaBlock USA-3
Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Functions: Sales and Customer Service

Address: 725 San Aleso Avenue, Suite #8 Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA



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1-877 878 5226
1-267 649 7271
800 N 5 Points Rd, 
West Chester, PA 19380, USA
777 Schwab Rd, Unit D
Hatfield, PA 19440,USA
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